Mod Eugene is a one-man operation located in the heart of Eugene, Oregon. Mod will design, build and obsess over every detail in your project from conception to installation. Only the best materials along with time tested techniques are used in the construction of your furniture, cabinetry and built-in. Heirloom quality is truly the best description for what comes out of the Mod shop.

Keith Schneider moved to Eugene from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (22 years ago) to what he feels is the best of all 49 states he has visited. Keith grew up in a densely German populated area where young boys learn the virtues and fundamentals of craftsmanship from their fathers and neighbors. A woodworker from a very early age, he believes that the traditional German obsession to detail and quality he is driven by is something that his clients not only can appreciate, but deserve.

He lives Brady Bunch style in a 3,200 sq ft Mid Century Modern fixer-upper house with his kindergarten teacher wife and their combined 4 kids and 2 tiny dogs. Though Keith views what he builds with a high level of scrutiny, somehow Keith managed to develop completely devoid of the ability to take himself seriously at all.

Keith claims that if he won the lottery his life and work would be nearly identical to what it is now, although his wife claims that “the shop might be a tiny bit larger” and the furniture and cabinets would be given away for free to those who have the right home for his creations.